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Gameplay footage released on Oct. 15, 2016

Pilot lethal spacecraft

OBA Scythe
Armed with a high-velocity rail gun, the Scythe is essentially a weapon with wings. The Scythe is the Outer Belt's fighter of choice for recon and special-ops missions. Its maneuverability and low forward profile make it a difficult ship to hit, but its light armour cannot sustain much damage. The Scythe's rail gun can deliver ridiculuous kinetic energy down range with supreme precision. While the Scythe is most effective at long ranges, its side-mounted chain gun is capable of fending off close-range opponents if necessary.

In-game screenshot of a Scythe interceptor (armed with a small chain gun and a very powerful rail gun)

DOM Banshee
The Dominion's answer to the Scythe. While the Scythe is based off an existing chassis (a souped-up star racer), the Banshee is engineered from the ground up to roughly match the specs of their new enemy. It comes equipped with a single light chain gun and a high-velocity railgun.

Banshee interceptor in icy Dominion territory

OBA Ripper
Feared by all factions, the Ripper is known for its destructive firepower and resilient hull. Armed with a massive 120mm flak cannon and a pair of 60mm flak cannons, the Ripper can tear through entire squads with a shower of explosive ordnance. However, its high mass adds considerable resistance to its angular gyro. To compensate for manoeuvrability, dual autonomous 30mm turrets protect its flanks. For defenses, it has thick hull plating typical to the OBA faction, partially shielded thermal management systems, and an enhanced inverse gravitic field generator which can be found under the starboard wing. This craft supports a standard crew of three, featuring a habitat section for extended mission endurance. Modified civilian versions of this stalwart design can be found among the periphery systems acting as smugglers and blockade runners.

OBA Ripper near the Juno waystation

DOM Lancer
The primary Dominion gunship is the formidable Lancer. Armed with an array of homing-missile pods, the Lancer can deliver precise destruction down range. For close encounters, the Lancer is also equipped with twin high-caliber machine guns. If that's not enough, both port and starboard sides are protected by autonomous 30mm turrets. Ballistic steel plating protects the gunship from all but the heaviest projectiles.

DOM Lancer near a water-ice asteroid

OBA Sabre
The fighting force of the Outer Belt Alliance is a diverse and jury-rigged assortment of spacecraft which have been souped-up, armored, and hastily fitted with heavy weaponry. The chassis of the OBA Sabre, for instance, was taken from an agile civilian design for space racing and repurposed as a formidable dogfighter. Despite humble beginnings, one mustn't underestimate them on the battlefield. A Belter's independent spirit, guerilla tactics and experience can turn just about any hardware into a worthy match for the Dominion military.

OBA Sabre near an icy moon

DOM Phantom
Lightly armoured and agile, the DOM Phantom is an essential component of the Dominion Star Command's military edifice. Part dogfighter and part police interceptor, the Phantom can be seen patrolling opulent inner systems as well as engaging in fleet offensives against the Outer Belt Alliance along the Dominion's ragged periphery. Typically deployed in swarms, it is armed with 30mm machine guns and a modest bank of 60mm homing missiles. While it typically cannot go toe-to-toe with an OBA Sabre, it makes up for its shortcomings in sheer numbers backed by an efficient Dominion supply chain. Where there is one, there is often others.

DOM Phantom launching a homing missile

Danger awaits

Life in the ASTROKILL universe is cheap. Massive warships, weaponized freighters, and heavily armed outposts populate a galaxy where survival often depends on the size of your ammo cache. Cutthroat dogfights are a way of life for the battle-hardened pilots of the Outer Belt Alliance and the Dominion of Man.

An Outer Belt interceptor confronts a capital ship in a minefield

The remote Juno waystation services deep-space Outer Belt freighters

The massive Ishtar fortress lurks deep within Dominion territory

The Boreas outpost prepares for evacuation as the Hammurabi approaches in the distance

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